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Stillborn Monolith

by Descenery

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Slava "Hadfes Oblivion" - rhythm guitars, bass (tracks 3, 6, 7, 8)
Leon Relentless - lead guitars, vocals (track 7)

Additional musicians:
Sebastian Najder - vocals (tracks 2, 3, 4)
Mick Armstrong - vocals (tracks 3, 9)
Aged Teen – vocals (track 4)
Igor Plotnikov – vocals, lead guitars (track 4)
Emily Highfield – vocals (track 5)
Anastasia Mescheryakova - vocals (track 6)
Ragnar Widerberg - guitar solo (track 3)
Dag Swano - guitar solo (track 4)
Stephan Kobiakin - keyboards (2, 3, 4)
Phil Romeo - bass (track 4)

Music by Slava except for:
«Running out of time» (Leon) & «Divided» (Slava & Leon)

Lyrics by Slava except for:
«A Man, Anew» (Amari Satsu) & «Vale» (Emily Highfield)

Arranged by Descenery except for:
«Passages of Standstill» (Descenery & Stephan Kobiakin)
«Vale» (Descenery & Emily Highfield)
«A Man, Anew» (Descenery & Amari Satsu)

Written and recorded between 2012 and 2017

Mixed and mastered by Mikhail Myshalov at Nosorog Records

Cover artwork by Daria Kirianova

Logo by Evgeniy Krivtsov

Descenery thanks (in no particular order) Mikhail Myshalov, Sebastian Najder, Mick Armstrong, Ragnar Widerberg, Dag Swano, Emily Highfield, Anastasia Mescheryakova, Dario Guarino, Stephan Kobiakin, Amari Satsu, Daria Kirianova, Alice Prismitskaya, Phil Romeo, Lucifer Bathory, Ekaterina Sansara, Maahzur Phalmorg, Evgenia Svartlok, Rudi Wolff, THE WORLD WITHIN dudes Joni Teppo, Igor Plotnikov and Kevin Tutaj, ERASE THE EDGE guys Andrew Supanov and Ivan Dogaev, Evgeniy Krivtsov, Dan Swano, Jurre Timmer, Daughter of Shadows, Mikhail Tenkovsky, Ravenna Mortii, Ivan Timorin, Igor Nikolaev, Igor Navarich, Anastasia Ratkevich, Igor Kryzko, Sergei Atroshchenko, Alexandra Ponomarenko, Alexey Kozin, Vitaly Abramov, Alex Doom, Artem Pervykh, Polina Mulik, Dmitry Gusev, Anna Goya, Daria Rudenko and everyone else who helped and supported us while working on the album!


released July 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Descenery Vladivostok, Russia

Descenery is the main musical project of russian musician Slava «Hadfes Oblivion» (The World Within, Erase The Edge). In league with musicians from the different countries Descenery released debut album "Stillborn Monolith" in 2017.

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Track Name: No Way
How does it feel
To be alive but never sense it
To stop the wheel
Of progress to rotate it back
All that you need
Is to fuck up the place you rot in
I'll never be
A part of your revolting show

I'll never feel a wish to see
This world through the eyes of yours
You better stay away from me
I don't need to hear your words
I'll never want you to decide
What I should do to feel alright
Why don't you go to hell
It's time for you to step aside

I won't join your selfish crowd
Spread your shit without me
If you're here to fuck around,
Don't be sure that one day you will get
Another chance to live the life
You tend to waste and throw away
Keep drowning in your empty strife
I'm not a part of that, no way

Behind the wall
Of so-called joys you try to feel good
Nothing at all
Can satisfy your trite desires
Out of control
Your mind makes thoughts you have to fulfill
What is your goal
For which you sacrifice your life

Fuck yourself, it should be over
I am tired of you and your ideas
Don't waste my time, it's over
I don't want to drown in your abyss
Track Name: Stillborn Monolith
Feels like it's getting colder
Just like the winter night
When all the words are told
Killing is justified
The evening sun is dying
The night enslaves the day
The peaceful times are crying
It's so unsafe to stay

Stillborn is this monolith
Built up and dismantled here
I just don't want to stay at the same old point
Where the void is waiting for me

The void is calling for me
There is no longer safety here

I never thought I'd let it fall
Into the chasm of the broken goals
I let the silence fill the hall
Of burning fortress
To hear the dawning call

Behold, the funeral has begun
Though murder still remains undone
The prey is caught, the axe is brought
The cease of life is here
But mourning tears are not

Stillborn is this monolith
Built up and dismantled here
I just don't want to stay at the same old point
Where the void is waiting for me
Shelter is the different place
Nothing is to keep me here
I am heading for the another day
Where the dawn is waiting for me
Track Name: Passages of Standstill
Why should I try to find a place
In your empire of certain ways
Where everything may be predicted

The opaque sphere is where you are
Oh, but how could it go this far
And now your calmness is afflicted

Hurling every dream of yours to landfill
You are sick of being alive
Falling through the passages of standstill
You don’t let your goals survive

You wear the crowns of uselessness
You live being tired of your own breath
Inaction is your only treasure

Illogic rules your universe
You're looking for another source
Of devastating kind of pleasure

Hurling every dream of yours to landfill
You are sick of being alive
Falling through the passages of standstill
You don’t let your goals survive
Worrying ‘bout the senseless things you wonder
Will it ever finally end
Crawling through the days being torn asunder
You don’t want a helping hand

Inopportunity is your disease
Procrastination is what you’re in alliance with
And when the perfect moment is forever gone
It’s time to grumble, yeah, that you didn’t know
Track Name: Vale
I am summoned to take my place
Amongst the likes of my people
Back to the beginning
To take my place amongst them
Where I shall live forever
To rejoice in this glorious death
Track Name: A Man, Anew
If there's a part for me in this
Where do I begin?
Will I roam forever till the ties that bind grow thin?

My story, can it make its way?
Can I outsmart the world itself?
My questions - neither end or answers
Where's the deepest I delve?

There once I picked a road
Killed it with my feet
There once I picked a road
That was already complete

I learn from the waves
I learn from the eyes, the human frailty
And what is the etiquette
Of having all the toil unsung?
A life resembling an impressionistic painting
A life of life
I've begun

And something crucial is cast off
It's a loss to be made for
Stars lead but don't guarantee to reach
The golden shore

The best of me - all written, and gotten, and denied
Now, I think I found the rhythm -
and no one by my side
Track Name: Running out of Time
You're trapped inside your own illusion
You are sure you're right on track
Your mind is open for confusion
Your sanity begins to crack

Being a part of ever-changing system
You contrive to stay the same
Wasting hours of your existence
You are sure it's not your blame

Eternal wait is not a thing you negate
You prefer inaction to the climb
You aberrate till the moment it's too late
And then you are running out of time

You're looking for another reason
To defer your hour to act
And it takes a lot of seasons
To find out another fact

You imitate embodiment of timeliness
Day after day
You procreate and satisfy your selfishness
You're on your way
Track Name: Divided
Freed of misconception and decline
I greet separation, drawing different line
I have arrived to take away your kingship one more time
Drained, exhausted, desolated lands are mine

In silence you shall drown
I'm here to get your crown
Your time has gone, you're obsolete
Your lifetime is complete
A relic from the past
Presented to the dust
We shared a hell, we've got it through
Divided I won't let you...

...hide, cause I know where your secret shelter lies
As its arcitect I've been there many times
The things alive to you don't matter anything to me at all
Let me in and I will stop your agony

In violence you shall fall
I'm here to get your throne
Your time has gone, you're obsolete
Your trophy is a defeat
A relic from the past
Presented to the dust
Your death won't be in vain
Divided I won't let you slip away